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F. Marie Hall SimLife Center - Lubbock
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Research Fund
Filyukov Scholarship Endowment in Engineering
Finance Fund for Excellence
Finance Scholarship Fund
First Generation Scholarship
Florence Brown En Avant Club Scholarship Endowment
Fluor Alumni Scholarship Endowment
Food and Nutrition Cost of Education
Free Market Institute
Freeman Scholarship Endowment
Friends of Gene Hemmle Endowment
Friends of Music Annual Membership
Friends of Music Board Member Emeritus Endowed Scholarship
Friends of Music Fund for Excellence
Friends of Music Regents Scholarship Endowment
Friends of Physiology Endowment
Friends of the Press
Friends of TTUHSC , Amarillo
Fund For Excellence - Amarillo HSC
Fund for Excellence - El Paso Campus
Fund for Excellence in Nursing

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