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Deans Fund for Excellence in the College of Education
Dairy Barn Restoration Fund
Dallas Alumni Scholarship Endowment for Media and Communication
Dan and Lee Ruth Krieg Scholarship
Darlene A. and Bill Norton Nurse Practitioner Scholarship Endowment
David Alan Anderson Scholarship Fund
David and Beverly Brunson Scholarship Endowment
David W. Martin Scholarship
David Waagner, M.D. Memorial Gifts
Debate Fund for Excellence
Demarest Family Scholarship Endowment
Department of Military Science Fund for Excellence
Department of Physics Fund for Excellence
Deskin Shurbet Scholarship Endowment
Distinguished Engineering Endowment for the College of Engineering
Diversity In Engineering Scholarship
Donald McDonald Excellence in Teaching Award Endowment
Dr. Arvin & Beverly Robinson Department of Radiology Residency Fund
Dr. Bernell Dalley Endowed Professorship in Medical Education
Dr. Bill Dean Scholarship Endowment in Media and Communication
Dr. Chester A. "Cab" Bond Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Dr. Dennis Harp Scholarship in Media & Communication
Dr. Elizabeth G. Haley and Dr. Glenn M. Jones Endowed Chair in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies
Dr. Eugene Luckstead Sr., Memorial Gifts
Dr. Herald Winkler Endowment for Petroleum Engineering
Dr. James Buell Memorial Gifts
Dr. Karen Copple Communications Sciences & Disorders Scholarship Endowment for Non-Traditional Ph.D. Students
Dr. Louis and Ginger Gritzo Family Endowed Engineering Scholarship
Dr. Marti Kennedy Scholarship Endowment
Dr. Max and Roma Miller Scholarship Endowment
Dr. Steven Urban Professorship Endowment in Internal Medicine
Dr. Sue Couch Scholarship Fund

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z (All)

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