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Deans Fund for Excellence in the College of Education
Accounting Fund for Excellence - Accounting Alliance
Accounting Scholarship Fund
Agricultural and Applied Economics Fund For Excellence
Agricultural Economics Former Student Scholarship Endowment
Agricultural Education Alumni Association Endowment
Agricultural Education and Communications Fund for Excellence
Alan Shinn Friends of Music Jazz Scholarship Endowment
Allen T. and Missy McInnes Advisory Council Scholarship Endowment
Alon and Susan Kvashny Scholarship Endowment
Alpha Zeta Members and Friends of Agriculture Endowed Scholarship
Alzheimer's Academy- Amarilllo
Amarillo Women's Health Research Institute
Andrew Asbury Memorial Scholarship Fund
Anesthesiology Pain Fellowship Fund
Animal and Food Science Fund for Excellence
Anita Thigpen Perry School of Nursing Fund
Annual Fund Raider Loyalty Campaign
Architecture Fund for Excellence
Architecture General Scholarship Fund
Architecture Library Fund
Arts and Sciences Fund for Excellence
Arts and Sciences Millennium Endowment
Arts and Sciences Quest for Excellence Scholarship Endowment
ASCO Chair of Excellence in Women's Health
Ashley Khosla, MD School of Medicine Memorial Scholarship
Atmospheric Science Fund for Excellence
Baby Cafe - Gayle Greve Hunt School of Nursing El Paso
Band Together Endowment for the Goin' Band
Bea Zeeck AWC Scholarship Endowment
Betty Blankinship Ward Scholarship Endowment
Bill & Shirley Ickes Scholarship Endowment in Communication Disorders
Billy R. Smith Spirit and Leadership Scholarship
Biological Sciences Fund for Excellence
Bonnie J. Whittington Memorial Scholarship for the School of Allied Health Sciences
Brooke Nichols Memorial Scholarship
Camille G. Bell Scholarship Endowment
Campaign for Fearless Champions Facilty Projects
Carl and Mary Childers Scholarship Endowment
Carroll Family Memorial Endowed Nursing Scholarship
CASNR General Scholarship Fund
Celtic Ensemble VMC Gifts
Center for Financial Responsibility Excellence Fund
Chancellors Council
Charles Bates Thornton Professorship in Law Endowment
Chemical Engineering Fund for Excellence
Chemistry/Biochemistry Undergraduate Scholarship Endowment
Child Development Research Center Fund for Excellence
Childrens Literature Room
Civil Engineering Fund for Excellence
Classics Excellence Fund
CMLL Fund for Excellence
College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Fund for Excellence
College of Education Fund for Excellence
College of Engineering Fund for Excellence
College of Human Sciences Fund for Excellence
Communication Studies Fund For Excellence
Community, Family, and Addiction Services Fund for Excellence
Computer Science Fund for Excellence
Cristobal Casanova Global Health Endowed Scholarship
Crofoot Honors Scholarship Endowment
Crohn's Disease Research Fund
Croslin Room in the Library
Curtis W. Clerkley, Jr. Architecture Academy Endowment
Dairy Barn Restoration Fund
Dallas Alumni Scholarship Endowment for Media and Communication
Dan and Lee Ruth Krieg Scholarship
Darlene A. and Bill Norton Nurse Practitioner Scholarship Endowment
David Alan Anderson Scholarship Fund
David and Beverly Brunson Scholarship Endowment
David Waagner, M.D. Memorial Gifts
Debate Fund for Excellence
Demarest Family Scholarship Endowment
Department of Military Science Fund for Excellence
Department of Physics Fund for Excellence
Deskin Shurbet Scholarship Endowment
Distinguished Engineering Endowment for the College of Engineering
Diversity In Engineering Scholarship
Donald McDonald Excellence in Teaching Award Endowment
Dr. Arvin & Beverly Robinson Department of Radiology Residency Fund
Dr. Bernell Dalley Endowed Professorship in Medical Education
Dr. Bill Dean Scholarship Endowment in Media and Communication
Dr. Chester A. "Cab" Bond Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Dr. Dennis Harp Scholarship in Media & Communication
Dr. Elizabeth G. Haley and Dr. Glenn M. Jones Endowed Chair in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies
Dr. Eugene Luckstead Sr., Memorial Gifts
Dr. Herald Winkler Endowment for Petroleum Engineering
Dr. James Buell Memorial Gifts
Dr. Karen Copple Communications Sciences & Disorders Scholarship Endowment for Non-Traditional Ph.D. Students
Dr. Marti Kennedy Scholarship Endowment
Dr. Max and Roma Miller Scholarship Endowment
Dr. Steven Urban Professorship Endowment in Internal Medicine
Dr. Sue Couch Scholarship Fund
E. Grey Lewis, Jr. Memorial Medici Circle Scholarship
Early Head Start
Economics Cost of Education
Education Furnishings Fund
Edward Jones Tour de Ted - Abilene SOP Cancer Research
El Paso Fund for Excellence Architecture
El Paso General Scholarship Architecture
El Paso Student Run Free Clinic
Electrical & Computer Engineering Cost of Education
Elizabeth Sasser / AIA Lubbock Scholarship Endowment
Elvia Alvarado Scholarship Endowment
Engineering Technology Fund for Excellence
English Department Fund for Excellence
English Faculty and Alumni Scholarship Endowment
Ethics and Humanities Chair
Eugene & Janey Heath Engineering Endowment
Excellence in Cancer Research
Excellence in Meat Sciences Teaching Endowment
Excellence in Personal Financial Planning
F. Marie Hall SimLife Center - Lubbock
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Research Fund
Filyukov Scholarship Endowment in Engineering
Finance Fund for Excellence
Finance Scholarship Fund
First Generation Scholarship
Florence Brown En Avant Club Scholarship Endowment
Fluor Alumni Scholarship Endowment
Food and Nutrition Cost of Education
Free Market Institute
Freeman Scholarship Endowment
Friends of Gene Hemmle Endowment
Friends of Music Annual Membership
Friends of Music Board Member Emeritus Endowed Scholarship
Friends of Music Fund for Excellence
Friends of Music Regents Scholarship Endowment
Friends of Physiology Endowment
Friends of the Press
Friends of TTUHSC , Amarillo
Fund For Excellence - Amarillo HSC
Fund for Excellence - El Paso Campus
Fund for Excellence in Nursing
Gannon Michael Spradling Scholarship
Gardere, Wynne, Sewell Scholarship Endowment
Garrison Institute on Aging Brain Bank Fund
Garrison Institute on Aging
Gary and Nancy Fish Medical Mission Travel Fund
Gayle Greve Hunt School of Nursing Fund for Excellence
Gene Boyd Memorial Fund
Geography Fund for Excellence
George W. McCleskey Professorship in Water Conservation Endowment
Geosciences Fund for Excellence
Geriatric Center of Excellence
Glenna Wylie & Friends of Music String Scholarship Endowment
Graduate School Fund for Excellence
Greater Houston Regional Scholarship for Engineering
Grey Lewis Friends of Music Scholarship Endowment
Gusta Stroman Brewton Scholarship for Investigative Reporting
Gwen Sorell Scholarship Endowment
Harry Weitlauf, MD - Memorial Gifts
Heartworks Cardiology Simulation Equipment
Heidi Marie Hunt Nursing Scholarship
History Department Fund for Excellence
Holtkamp Pipe Organ Gift Fund
HOM Cost of Education
Honorable George Herman Mahon Fellowship Endowment
Honors College Fund for Excellence
Houston Practicum Endowment
HSC Fund for Excellence
HSC Presidential Endowed Scholarship
HSC Scholarship Endowment
Human Development and Family Studies Fund for Excellence
IMPACT Merit Scholarship Fund
Impact Scholarships
Industrial Engineering Fund for Excellence
InfantRisk Center
International Affairs Fund for Excellence
International Affairs Student Scholarship Fund
International Programs Student Travel Assistance
ISQS Fund For Excellence Fund
ISQS Scholarship FUnd
J. Hadley Edgar Scholarship Endowment
J. W. and Marcella DeWitt Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Jack D. Kennedy Scholarship
Jack Dale Scholarship Fund
Jeff and Kris Hornback Scholarship Endowment in Finance
Jerald Pomerantz TABC Scholarship Endowment
Jeri Hodges Wildlife Endowment
Jerome Schuetzeberg Distinguished Lectureship Series
Jerry C Hudson Founding Dean of the College of Media and Communication in Society Scholarship
Jim L. Chambers Scholarship Endowment
Jimmy H. Smith Memorial Fund
Jo Biggs Davidson Memorial Scholarship
Joe E. Thigpen, MD Memorial Gifts for the Anita Thigpen Perry School of Nursing
John Baker Memorial Gifts to TTUHSC Scholarships
John E. Krahmer Scholarship Endowment
John F. "Buddy" Maner Chancellors Barrister Fellowship Endowment
John F. Haynes Jr. M.D. Medical Toxicology Program
John T. Brown, III, Delta Tau Delta Scholarship
Joshua Carnes Memorial School of Pharmacy Scholarship
Joshua K. Fine, M.D. and Chitra J. Fine, M.D. School of Medicine Endowed Scholarship
Joshua T. Phillips MD Memorial Scholarship
Judy Hawkins Memorial Scholarship Fund
K-12 Global Education Outreach
Keith Bearden Marching Band Scholarship Endowment
Kelsey Lauren Kidd Scholarship Endowment
Ken Little - Medici Circle Studio Art Scholarship Endowment
Kenneth H. Neldner, M.D. Endowed Chair for the Dept of Dermatology
Kent and Susie Hance Chancellor's Council Scholarship Endowment
Kent Hance Scholarship - TTUHSC Abilene Campus
Kent Hance Scholarship - TTUHSC Amarillo Campus
Kent Hance Scholarship - TTUHSC at El Paso
Kent Hance Scholarship - TTUHSC Permian Basin Campus
Kent R. Hance Chapel
KNCH - FM, Concho Valley Public Radio
KTTZ-FM Classical Music Station
KTTZ-TV Television Station
Land Arts
Landscape Architecture Fund for Excellence
Latin American Archaeological Resea
Laura Leigh Putnam "Just Pass It On" Scholarship Endowment
Laura W. Bush Breast Cancer Awareness Luncheon Permian Basin
Laura W. Bush Institute for Women's Health - Fund for Excellence
Laura W. Bush Institute for Women's Health - Lubbock
Law Clinical Programs Scholarship Endowment
Law School Dean's Class Competition Annual Fund
Law School General Endowment
Law School Scholarship Endowment
Leadership Academy Endowment
Library Student Technology Fund
Lorum Stratton Scholarship Endowment
Lou Halsell Rodenberger Prize
Lowell Patrick Oden Executive in Resident in Health Organization Management
Lubbock Advertising Federation Scholarship Endowment
Lubbock Crosby Garza County Medical Society Alliance Scholarship Endowment
Lubbock Internal Medicine Dept. Fund for Geriatrics
LWBIWH - Texas Health Resources Event
Madison Kate Lockaby Memorial Fund
Management Fund for Excellence
Management Scholarship Fund
Marcus Borhani /Dawn Kelley Electrical Engineering Scholarship
Marcus J. Hunt Memorial Fund
Mark E. Olsen Scholarship for Red Raider Engineers
Marketing Fund for Excellence
Marketing Scholarship Fund
Marvin J. Cepica Student Agriculture Council Scholarship
Mary Anne and E.W. Williams Memorial Parkinsons Disease Research Endowment
Mary Faye Bonds Green / Association of Women in Communications Scholarship Endowment
Masked Rider Endowment Fund
Masked Rider Scholarship Endowment
Mason Vanstory Scholarshp Fund
Matador Scholarship Fund for Dallas County Students
Mathematics Fund for Excellence
Mechanical Engineering Fund for Excellence
Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Lab Renovations
Media and Communication Dallas Alumni Scholarship Event
Media and Communication Fund for Excellence
Media and Communication National Advisory Board Scholarship Endowment
Megan Morton Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Melvin L. Best Memorial Scholarship
Michael G. Peters and Donna J Peters Fellowship Endowment
Michael Patry Memorial Scholarship
Mike and Diana Leach Endowed Scholarship in Chemical Engineering
Military and Veterans Programs Fund for Excellence
Miller Bonner Scholarship Endowment
Mitchell, Goff, and Mitchell Scholarship Endowment
Music Department Fund for Excellence
Myrna L. Armstrong/Elizabeth (Hanslik) Montalvo School of Nursing Endowed Scholarship
Nancy Johnson Memorial School of Nursing Scholarship Endowment
Nancy Naumann Memorial Art Scholarship Endowment
Natural Resources Management Fund for Excellence
Noel and Jeannie Barrick Architecture Enrichment Endowment
Ophthalmology Alumni Fund
Organic Chemistry Endowment
Orthopaedic Residency Program Fund
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Gift Fund
Outreach and Distance Education Fund for Excellence
Parent and Family Relations Program
Parents Fund for Excellence
Paul and Betty Woods Scholarship Endowment
Permian Basin Nursing Endowment
Personal Financial Planning Double T Society
Petroleum Engineering Fund for Excellence Fund
Phi Delta Theta Bill Dean Scholarship Endowment
Phil and Pat Record National Advisory Board Scholarship Endowment
Philosophy Fund for Excellence
Physician Assistant Student Scholarship
Planned Giving Fund
Plant and Soil Science Fund for Excellence
Political Science Fund for Excellence
POW/MIA Flag Endowment
Power of the Purse
President's Council School of Nursing Endowment
Presidents Fund for Excellence Endowment
Preston Smith Regents Professorship Endowment for the School of Law
Prevention and Resiliency Development Fund
Professor Robert Wernsman Memorial Fund
Project FUTURE (Finding Unique Teachers through Unprecedented Recruitment Efforts)
Psychology Fund for Excellence
Psychology Scholarship
R. Guy and Phyllis G. Carter Scholarship Endowment
R.C. & Carolyn Taylor Scholarship
Rachel E. Hudson European Studies Scholarship Endowment
Radiology Founders Library Fund - El Paso
Rae Nell Griggs Scholarship Endowment
Ralph Sellmeyer Scholarship
Rawls Career Management Operations Fund
Rawls College Advisory Council Fund
Rawls College Dallas Scholarship Event
Rawls College Energy Commerce Fund
Rawls College Houston Scholarship Event
Rawls College of Business Fund for Excellence
Rawls College of Business Scholarship Fund
Rawls College San Antonio Scholarship Event
Rawls Raiders Fund for Excellence
Red Steagall Scholarship
Red to Black Financial Planning Fund
Restaurant, Hotel, and Institutional Management Faculty Endowment
Reverend Arthur A. Nelson, Sr., and Mrs. Ann Nelson Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Rex & Bonnie Aycock Medici Circle Masters in Art History Scholarship Endowment
Ridenour Endowment for Chronic Illness
Robert C. Kimbrough, III MD, Professorship in Medical Education
Robert E. Barnhill III, PFP Alumni and Friends Scholarship
Ronald D. and Cathy S. Ramsey Scholarship Endowment in Political Science
S. Bob Bright Memorial Contributions
Saathoff Family & Friends of Music Scholarship Endowment
Saddle Tramps Support Fund
Sam Miller Endowed Scholarship in Food Science
Sandy River Memorial Scholarship
Sarah Kulkofsky Scholarship
Scholarship Endowment in Engineering
School of Allied Health Sciences Scholarship Fund
School of Art 3-D Art Building
School of Law Fund for Excellence
School of Law Fund for Excellence
School of Medicine Alumni Chancellor's Endowed Scholarship
School of Medicine Fund for Excellence
School of Nursing Dean's Fund
School of Nursing General Scholarship Endowment
School of Pharmacy Alumni Pioneers Scholarship
School of Pharmacy Dean's Leadership Scholarship
School of Pharmacy Fund for Excellence
School of Pharmacy Scholarship Fund
Scott Zapalac Memorial Gifts
Senator Robert Duncan Texas Legislative Internship Endowed Scholarship
Settle and Pou, P.C. Scholarship Endowment
SGA Pave the Way to Success Merit Scholarship Fund
SGA Pave the Way to Success University Scholarship Fund
SOA Landmark Arts Fund for the Excellence of Arts Programs
Social Work Scholarship
Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work Fund for Excellence
Southwest Collection Fund for Excellence
Speech/Language/Hearing Patient Services
Spencer LaBrie Memorial Scholarship Endowment
STAGE Graduate Scholarship Initiative
Stanley Anderson/Animal Science Alumni Association Scholarship Endowment
Stephens Exploration Inc Geology Endowed Scholarship
Stork's Nest Baby Shower - School of Nursing
Substance Abuse Studies Development Fund
Surgery Dept. Program Fund - El Paso
Susan Grisanti Memorial
Sustainable AgroEcosystems Fund
Sustainable Vegetable Production Research
T. J. and Bobbie Patterson Scholarship
Tammy McNeeley Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Teaching, Learning, & Technology Center Fund for Excellence
Tech Marching Band Alumni Scholarship Endowment
Technical Communication Fund for Excellence Endowment
TECHniques Center Fund for Excellence
Texas Tech Alumni Association
Texas Tech Athletics Scholarship Endowment
Texas Tech Fund for Excellence
Texas Tech Therapeutic Riding Center
Texas Tech University Cheerleader Support Fund
Texas Tech University General Scholarship Fund
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center LGBT Diversity Scholarship
Texas Tech University Viticulture and Enology Program
Texas Wine Institute Fund for Excellence
The Crossroads of Music Archive
Theatre and Dance Fund for Excellence
Thomas McGovern Endowment for Spirituality in Health Care
Tierney Elise Becan Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Todd J. Edwards "Sunshine" Scholarship Endowment
Tommie W. Farrell, M.D. Endowed Fund for Palliative Care
Tracy Escamilla School of Medicine Scholarship Endowment
TTU Fredericksburg Campus Support
TTU Meat Judging Team Scholarship
TTUHSC El Paso Fund for Excellence
TTUHSC Student Run Free Clinic
Tushar Desai Family SOM Endowed Scholarship - FMAT Program
UBCC Celebrate Life
University College Fund for Excellence
University Library Fund for Excellence
University Library Recording Studio
Urban Tech
Urology Fund for Excellence
Vietnam Center 20th Anniverary Ball
Vietnam Center Fund
Virginia Sowell Center General Scholarship
Visual and Performing Arts Fund for Excellence
W. Duane and Fran McCarty Scholarship
W. Frank Newton Regents Professor of Law Endowment
W.F. Bennett Ambassadors for Agricultural Scholarship Endowment
Walter Dollahon Scholarship Endowment
Whetzel Family Electrical Engineering Scholarship
William G. Hartwell Scholarship
Women's Health Research Coalition Chair in Women's Health Issues
Woodrow Woody Hitchcock Memorial Fund
World Energy Project

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